Rules and Regulations

1.1) Offer its services to registered users in IVAO, VATSIM and aerial simulation enthusiasts, in order to simulate the operations presented in the system. For this, WorldWings Airlines. Provide free of charge, tools and services deemed appropriate to serve the people who are part of this community.
1.2) To meet this objective, registered users who make use of the services of WorldWings Airlines. they must respect and comply with the following regulations developed in three sections:
1. General terms
2. Operations
2.1) Code of conduct: The user will commit to maintaining a correct, tolerant and educated behavior while using the WorldWings Airline systems, both on the website and forum itself, and on the IVAO and VATSIM network. Any violation of the fundamental rights of the people, as well as the fraudulent use of the systems, will imply the immediate suspension of access to the service. Said measure could be irrevocable at the decision of the Administration.
2.2) Admission: The WorldWings Airline board will reserve the right of admission of all registrations registered through its website, not being obliged to provide explanations regarding WorldWings Airline decisions made in relation to this matter. Also, WorldWings Airline. will reserve the right to cancel without prior notice and without explanation, access to those people who are considered unsuitable for the proper functioning of this community.
2.3) 100% of the total IVAO / Vatsim hours will be automatically transferred
3.1) The correct use by the WorldWings Airline member pilots of IVAO or VATSIM services is MANDATORY, both for the correct filling in of the flight plan and for compliance with the indications by the ATC.
3.2) It is MANDATORY to use the callsign of WorldWings Airlines if you are developing a regular flight of the Airline.